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Raising charitable giving awareness is the goal of new annual campaign

As we celebrate a current “season of giving” with the holidays ahead, members of The Nevada Foundation introduce a new campaign — starting in 2024 — which is all about giving.
“When we established the Foundation, a key priority was to foster a culture of philanthropy in Nevada,” said Mayor Brett Barker, current president of The Nevada Foundation. “We know there are many great organizations doing incredible work, and our goal is to aid them in their missions to serve Nevada.”
To do this, members of The Nevada Foundation divided the calendar year by quarters, and in each three-month period, they will focus on different charitable needs in our community. For example, quarter one is “Helping Hands,” and the focus will be on food, clothing, and shelter needs, and supporting the organizations that concentrate on these types of needs.
In the diagram that accompanies this campaign and this story, you can see the focuses of the other three quarters of the year.
Looking at just the first quarter, Nevada School District employees Elizabeth Gindt and Jodi Heeren, who work with students and families in need, can attest to just how important it is for the community to provide “Helping Hands” support in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter.
“I feel at this time, our school district is mirroring the broader social issues facing families across the nation,” Gindt said. “There are consistent issues arising in the area of basic needs.”
Even in a community as vibrant as Nevada appears to be, Heeren said poverty is an issue. “Some families are barely making it, or not making it. There are many families working numerous jobs and still barely making it.” Heeren said we have families living in unsafe environments, because it’s what they can afford.
And if they can barely afford housing, then for many families, food insecurity and other basic needs are also factors. “There are more children and families being served by Cubbies Cupboard, the weekend food program, Food at First and the Community Cupboard than we have ever seen, the only exception being during Covid,” Heeren said.
Gindt said, “My guess would be most community members do not know we are working daily with, and connecting families to, area resources.”
The agencies that are helping to meet the needs of families include, according to Gindt, all of the following: Food at First, Kids at First, Boys and Girls Club, Cubbie’s Cupboard, The Bridge Home, The Community Cupboard, Harmony Clothing Closet, The Mobile Crisis Unit, NCRC, and The Nevada Human Service Fund, plus others who provide funds and scholarships to help cover needs.
With Seasons of Giving, people can give to the Nevada Foundation, who will, in return, distribute the funds to organizations who fill the focused-upon needs of each quarter.
The mayor hopes the year-round focus on a variety of needs in the community brings awareness and help for a variety of nonprofits. “Our Seasons of Giving campaign will allow those who care about Nevada, both near and far, to make annual contributions and legacy gifts to support ongoing projects in our community,” Barker said.

Nevada Foundation Board members include:
Executive Committee: Brett Barker, president; Dr. Steve Gray, vice president; Lisa Oxley, secretary/treasurer; Michelle Cassabaum and Mary Handsaker
Standing Board members: Jordan Cook (City), Marlys Swanson-Brehm (Nevada Community Historical Society), Brenda Dryer (Nevada Economic Development Council), Steve Gray (Nevada Community School District), Emily Schaack (Main Street Nevada), Christa Skaggs (Camelot Theater Foundation)
At-Large Board members: Lisa Oxley, Marty Chitty, Brian Hanson, Sara Clausen, Sharon Johnson, Brett Barker, Michelle Cassabaum, Ken Nelson, Tim Hansen, Mary Handsaker

–Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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