Street Department


The City Street Department has seven employees, who are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining, cleaning, and repairing 44.21 lane miles of roadway and right-of-way

  • Replacing and repairing all signs in the right of way

  • Performing snow removal on all city streets, alleys, and public parking lots

  • Removing trees on city property and right-of-way

  • Operating and maintaining all excavation and road maintenance equipment

  • Reviewing and commenting on construction site plans submitted to the city

  • Assisting the water and wastewater departments, and parks and recreation department with excavation, grading, and repair of city utilities and grounds

  • Clearing of City sewer blockages

  • Doing concrete paving repair on city property

Pothole Repair Proccess

1) Pothole is cleaned out

2) Oil is put in the hole

3) An oil and rock mixture is put in the hole

4) Dry rock is put over the patched area to keep oil from tracking, while it cures

5) City workers come by after the curing process (about a week later) and sweep up any loose rock that remains

Man trimming trees in nevada iowa
Construction work in nevada iowa
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