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Public Arts Advisory Commission

The Nevada Public Arts Advisory Commission works in partnership with City departments and developers and other private-sector organizations and agencies to develop, plan and implement a Public Arts Master Plan. This plan will aid in development of meaningful public arts, thorough consideration of each piece, and the use of city and private resources for the benefit of all citizens of Nevada.

The Public Arts Advisory Commission will provide opportunities for residents to experience and participate in the cultural and artistic legacy of this region; and will ensure a process to allow for a more thorough review of artistic public sector projects.

You may read more about this Commission at: ordinance-1043.pdf (

Current Members:

  • Jason Schneider
  • Dylan Jacobson
  • Wade Presley
  • Janice Gammon
  • Tina Schmidt
  • Melinda Buyck
  • Nancy Port

The City is currently seeking applications for this Commission. To apply, go to: Boards & Commission Member Application | City of Nevada, Iowa (

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