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The City of Nevada, Iowa is operating currently under these state codes

How to Apply for a Permit

If the nature of work falls within those described above, a permit is required. If you are unsure as to whether you need a permit, please call the Planning and Zoning staff at 382-5466. Applications are available at the Nevada City Hall, 1209 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201.

Rezoning Application Packet

You may also fill out an application online: Building Permit Application

The following items may be required to be submitted with an application for a building permit: Plot Plan, Building Plans.

After the application is submitted, it is reviewed by staff for compliance with adopted regulations. When the building official is satisfied that the work described in the application for permit complies with all applicable requirements and that required fees as applicable have been paid, a building permit is issued to the applicant.

All construction or work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the building official, and certain types of construction may be subject to more than one inspection. The building official, upon notification from the applicant, will complete the required inspections. Once all required inspections are completed, the permit can be finalized, and, if required a Certificate of Occupancy issued.

Permit Requirements

DEMOLITION (Neighborhood Improvement Incentive Program)

Projects that demolish a residential or commercial structure, including capping utilities, grading and seeding the area, and for the City to acquire property.


A. Maintain ownership – demolish structure. Examples include a shed, garage, or structure on your property Costs could include capping utilities, grading and seeding the area. Grants will be awarded on a minimum 50/50 cash match basis. Also, grants are set up on a reimbursement basis and payable upon completion of the project and upon approval of the Building and Zoning Official. Maximum request is $10,000, minimum request is $500.00.

B. Transfer property to City – costs to the City cover title opinion, transfer of deed, and any other legal costs for the City to acquire the property. The property owner makes an offer of a gift of property to the City.

Projects must be completed within the one fiscal year of which the project is approved for. Before and after pictures are required for funding. Work is done by a licensed professional who is permitted and inspected to do such work.

Grant Application and Award Process

Written bid(s) for each expense must be attached to your application. Applications are submitted to the Building Official. The City Administrator and the Building and Zoning Official will make final recommendations to the City Council regarding which projects should be funded, while funds are available for that particular fiscal year. The Building Official may recommend postponing a project until funds become available and City Council approves the project in subsequent years.


If you are altering the general structure of your house or adding a building to your property, you are required to apply for a building permit. Examples of projects requiring building permits include:





Decks and Fences

You do not need to apply for a permit to re-side, re-roof, or replace windows of the same size.

If you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, replacing a galvinized water pipe in the basement with copper, adding a bathroom, or replacing a water heather, a permit is required. A permit is not required if you are installing a new sink or faucet to replace an old one or if someone comes into your house to unplug a drain.

If you are doing anything that requires adding wiring or circuits to an existing electrical system, a permit is required. Examples include: replacing old wires and fuseboxes with new wires and circuit breakers or wiring a new addition or remodel. A permit is not required to replace light fixtures or outlets.

If you are having your furnace or air conditioner replaced or installing a wood stove, you are required to apply for a permit. Routine maintenance, replacing filters, or re-lighting a pilot light does not require a permit.

A Right of Way Permit is required for anyone doing work in the City’s Right of Way; examples are installation of sidewalks or driveways, or repair of individual water or sewer services.  A Right of Way License is required for a permit to be accepted.  Homeowners doing work in the Right Of Way abutting their property do not need a License.

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