Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission works with the Nevada City Council and other local boards and groups to develop preservation solutions and plans. A few of the things this Commission helps with are wayfinding signage, and “documentation of” and “assistance in” grant applications for historical buildings/areas of town.

The Historic Preservation Commission is looking to fill two vacancies. Are you interested in serving on this Commission? Fill out this online application: Boards & Commission Member Application | City of Nevada, Iowa (cityofnevadaiowa.org)

Current Commissioners:

  • Jon Augustus
  • Kris Corbin
  • Melinda Buyck
  • Nate Ramirez

Quick Links


  • To learn more about state and federal assistance click on the “State Historical Society” link.  Near the top of the page click on “Historic Preservation”  Along the side of that page you will see some green tabs to click.
  • Nevada, Iowa has some “National Register of Historic Places” already listed and others identified or waiting to be identified as eligible to be listed.  To be eligible, properties must have national, regional, or local importance.  Properties either listed on the National Register or eligible to be listed can receive “Tax Incentives for Rehabilitation.”
  • Nevada, Iowa does participate as a “Certified Local Government.”  Nevada, Iowa does not have a “Cultural and Entertainment District” although there has been some activity toward this goal.
  • Also click on “Technical Assistance”.  There you will see 10 “Standards for Rehabilitation”  that provide an excellent introduction into the field of historic preservation.
  • Another important link on the State Historical Society is the Historic Preservation page under Iowa Web Site is the “Main Street Iowa Program
  • Do not neglect the “National Park Service” link.   the Park Service is the legs of the Antiquities Act of 1906 under which all federal historic preservation activity falls.
  • On the National Park Service page type “Preservation Briefs” into the search field.  There you can find monographs on a wide range of technical issues from repointing old soft mortar joints, to fixing up old windows, to energy conservation in old buildings, and many, many others.  These monographs provide detailed, nitty gritty information and excellent bibliographical references.
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