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Animal Control

Our Mission

Welcome to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Our Department merges Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management and Animal Control, offering a holistic approach to all hazards and safety needs facing the City and its population.

We strive to deliver customer-friendly services to our residents and visitors. We invite you to send us any concerns or comments you may have.

Our goal is to provide planning, response and mitigation of all hazards facing our City, and to partner in that effort with our citizens.

The City of Nevada Animal Control is responsible for all animal control needs and problems within city limits. We are part of the Nevada Public Safety Department and can be reached by calling 515-382-4305.

Animal Protection and Control Ordinance

City Council passed the ordinance on Aug. 11, 2014. Between May 12 and Aug. 11, 2014, the City held six public meetings where Urban Chickens, Animal Control, Pet Licensing and the Animal Control Officer (Community Service Officer) position was discussed.  Those conversations were long, a lot of research was provided and the City Council gave final reading on the ordinances amending the Animal Code, adding the Pet Licensing and Fees on Aug. 11, 2014.

After a long recruiting process, the Community Service Officer position was filled in October 2015. The CSO was a new position. After some acclimation and training, the process to begin pet licensing started. A bike sale was needed to dispose of unclaimed bikes, the NPSD usually does a Bike Rodeo in the spring, and putting all these events together seemed an appropriate time to start the pet licensing.

Pet Licensing

  • Unite pets & owners quicker when pets stray
  • Provide proof to the community your pet is current on rabies
  • Tags let the community know you are a responsible pet owner
  • Reduces the likelihood your pet is sheltered
  • May reduce fees if your pet is sheltered

Yes. Pets will find a way out if they choose to do so. If your pets stray, and are not licensed, it may take longer to reunite with them.

The Community Service Officer (CSO) and police are not going door-to-door to do this. If police or CSO are investigating a complaint, pet licensing will be verified.

  • Reduce the City costs of animal control
  • Better tracking of pet population and record keeping
  • Annually makes sense, similar to a boat, motorcycle, vehicle

Pets are not required to be altered. However, altered pets cannot haphazardly breed, and altered pets tend to be less aggressive, depending on the pet.

Money coming in reduces the City costs of animal control. The current budget for Animal Control in Nevada is over $10,000. When animals are placed in shelter, there are fees associated with their care. The city pays up to seven days of boarding and any additional care or treatment the animal requires. These fees are paid whether the animal is claimed or not. If the animal is euthanized, the city pays these fees.

A reminders may be sent to pet owners, and our data base will assist in providing notification.

Please call the Nevada Public Safety Department at 515-382-4593 during regular business hours, if you need to license your pet.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Impounding costs are established by the Council as necessary to recover all costs and charges incurred by the City in impounding and maintaining the animal. In addition to all costs of impounding the animal, there is an administrative fee of $50 per incident, per animal for each impoundment. All of the fees and charges must be paid by the owner before the animal is released. The City has a contract with the local veterinarian for these services:

  • Daily Cat Impoundment Fee $9.40 /day
  • Daily Dog Impoundment Fee $13.40 /day
  • Rabies Observation Fee (in addition to daily impoundment) $6.50 /day
  • Euthanasia and Cremation $50
  • Cremation Only $39.50
  • Rabies Vaccination $16.90
  • After Hours Examination $55
  • Feral Cat –Special Handling Fee (one-time fee) $24.50

The city is responsible for these fees whether an animal is claimed or not.

Rabies vaccination is required. Documentation discerns between altered and unaltered pets, and photos help identify pets.

The photo helps identify a pet. The tag goes with the pet; additional pets need additional tags.

If it’s a temporary situation, wait until the pet is healthy. If it’s a permanent situation, we need documentation from your vet.

Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets.

Nancy Pritchard with dog

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