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Maximum Property Tax Dollars

Senate File 634 requires Cities to pass a resolution establishing their maximum property tax dollars to certify for levy, post notification, and hold a public hearing and vote. The legislation specified certain levies (not all) to be listed in property tax dollars compared to the previous year.

FY24 Revised Maximum Property Tax Notice after Senate File 181

FY24 Maximum Property Tax Notice

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FY23 Maximum Property Tax Notice

FY22 Maximum Property Tax Notice

FY21 Maximum Property Tax Notice

  • Iowa Department of Management – Local Budget Page – This link takes you to the Iowa Department of Management’s web site for local government. On the left hand side of the page you can access current and previous years City Budgets for the entire state. You can also search city valuations and tax rates for the entire state.
  • Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance – Local Option Sales Tax Information – From this web site you can click on the “Local Option” under the History of Distribution Payments to down load and excel spread sheet of Local Option Sales Tax  for all taxing entities in Iowa.
  • Iowa Auditor’s Office – From this web site you can obtain current financial audits for the City of Nevada and all other governmental agencies.

Budget Highlights

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