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Storage Unit Break-ins on the Rise in Nevada

Along with warmer weather comes opportunistic criminals. It is not uncommon to have storage unit burglaries in any community. However, during the week of March 7th, the Nevada Police Department received a report of four storage unit burglaries to the Post Northside Storage units located at 1612 8th Street.

What makes this report unique was the method and means used to break into the units. The suspect(s) used a grinder to grind off the security locks. We suspect a battery-powered angle grinder which would have likely caused lots of noise and sparks. “I work around these tools and frankly, I am a little surprised no one saw this happening,” says Part-time Police Officer Ryan Hutton. If you rent a storage unit, keep an inventory and record serial numbers of items being stored inside. It is recommended people make routine visits to inspect the condition of rental storage units.

The police department reminds you to be vigilant in your travels and report any suspicious activity to the police by calling 515-382-4305.

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