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City awarded grant funds for natural waterway improvements

The City of Nevada has been awarded a $2 million grant from the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission.

The Sponsored Project Grant is associated with the City’s new Wastewater Treatment Plant project.

The City of Nevada is using a State Revolving Fund loan to help pay for the WWTP project. The interest on SRF loans comes back to the public through grant funds, which any community utilizing the SRF can apply for and hope to receive. The Sponsored Project grant is to be used to improve “natural waterways” in a community.

Earlier this year, in preparation for the grant application, City leaders, including representatives of the City engineering firm HR Green, reviewed several waterway areas in Nevada. Two places the city’s application mentioned as needing improvements are West Indian Creek and Harrington Park.

The City thanks those residents and organizations who offered words of support for our application. We look forward to keeping residents updated when the grant-funded waterway work begins.

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