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Controlled Burn to affect traffic Sunday, June 30, on 220th Street

Map shows the area of the controlled burn. (Google Maps image)
Several Story County Fire Departments will participate in a controlled house burn, conducted for training, on Sunday, June 30, 2024, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The acquired structure is located at 57258 220th Street (or 1 mile East of Ames on 13th Street, location shown on map).
Portions of 220th between 570th Ave and 580th Ave will be blocked off due to the fire department training taking place.
The use of acquired structures offers fire departments realistic conditions for training in various aspects of search and rescue, fire hose advancement, and developing experience in fire suppression. Fire departments in Iowa are permitted to conduct two acquired structure burns approved by the Iowa DNR after a thorough asbestos and permitting process is undertaken.
Persons traveling in the area and on I-35 near Ames may see smoke and fire at the property. Iowa DOT officials have been notified to avoid potential house fire reports to Ames or Story County Sheriff Office dispatch centers.
Please feel free to contact the Nevada Fire Department at 515-382-4593 if you have questions.
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