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Disposal options for firearms, ammo, and fireworks

The Nevada Public Safety Department can assist you with the disposal of any unwanted firearm, ammunition, or fireworks.

Unwanted firearms may include:

  • firearms found while cleaning out houses or storage units,
  • damaged or unusable firearms, or
  • fireworks a family decides, at any given time, they do not want to keep.

Ammunition may be turned in if it is damaged, rusty, unneeded, or appears unsafe to maintain.

Please call the non-emergency number at 515-382-4305 to arrange for the disposal.


Things to think about when turning in items:

  • Arrange for a time to meet with an officer as we may not be in the police department when you arrive.
  • Please keep the firearm in a bag or box when you arrive at the police department. If you do not have the ability to safely carry the firearm into the department, you can request to have an officer respond to your house to turn over the firearm.
  • Please do not bring fireworks into the police department, even if they unexpectedly did not explode. Call for an officer to discuss options with you.
  • All firearms turned in will be checked to make sure they are not reported stolen and then transferred to the State for safe destruction.
  • All fireworks and ammunition will be safely destroyed through partnerships in the State.
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