Downtown Construction Update

What we accomplished this week

  • First of all – there was a STORM Monday. According to Shawn Cole, building and zoning official for the City of Nevada, that storm set work back by at least half a day on the downtown construction project. The storm also caused some concrete damage in parking areas, which had to be removed and reset this week.
  • Bumpouts in the sidewalk area were poured for K Avenue on the west side. Workers also poured the “lug” (the structure that will support the brick pan) in Blocks 2 and 3 (J to K and K to Lincolnway).
  • Electrical work, setting bases for lights and conduits, was finished in Blocks 2 and 3 of Sixth Street.
  • Utility work on J Avenue west of Sixth Street was completed; prepping for pavement has started.
  • On J Avenue east of Sixth, sanitary sewer has been placed, and work on services on the south side started today.

What’s coming up next week?

  • Water utility work will begin on J Avenue, east of Sixth Street.
  • Workers will continue prepping J Avenue, west of Sixth Street, for paving.
  • Sidewalks will be replaced on the west side of Sixth Street in Block 2. 
  • Gravel will be added to the alley east of Sixth Street in Block 1 (I to J), and it will be drivable in that condition. It is prepped for pavement and will be completed after J Avenue is paved.
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