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Downtown Infrastructure Project Update

Things accomplished so far:

–All services – sewer, storm and water – are completed in Blocks 1 and 2 (I to J and J-K).

–Pavement is down in Block 1.

–Sidewalk work is close to completion in Block 1.

Work being done this week:

–Lots of focus on Block 3 (K to Lway), where new services are being hooked up. A quiet accomplishment that Shawn Cole, Building and Zoning Official, is proud of, is that three businesses in this block have had shared services, that will now be separated by business. The businesses have had to have the sewer lines cleaned regularly, because of the way they were hooked together. “When we’re all done, improvements like this won’t show up to the regular person, but these businesses will have a much better system,” he said.

–Work on sidewalks in Block 1.

Happening next week:

–Block 1 sidewalks will be completed and decorative bricks will be laid into the sidewalk structure. Shawn noted that the sidewalk joints will have an appealing saw cut design, and the decorative bricks are real bricks with actual texture, making them safer to walk on and easier to shovel in the winter.

–Block 1 bump-outs will be completed. These will be the first bump-outs the public sees completed for this project, which will include bump-outs at each intersection to improve safety for pedestrians. The bump-outs will be all brick, except for the sidewalk portion.

–Block 3 work on services hook-ups will continue. Shawn noted that the updated water lines will go from ¾-inch lines to 1 ½-inch lines, greatly increasing water flow to those properties. “So for upstairs apartments on these buildings, it will be much better water pressure for residents,” he said.

What’s ahead and other notes:

–Paving of Blocks 2 and 3 will happen at the same time, so Block 2 is done until paving can begin.

–After paving and sidewalk work in the first three blocks, work will stay south of Lincoln Highway for this year, and focus on side street and alley work. Work north of Lincoln Highway in Block 4 (Lway to M) will happen next year.

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