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Many new appointments made to Board and Commissions

During the Dec. 11 City Council meeting, the Council approved nine mayoral appointments to two City commissions, the Historic Preservation Commission and the Public Arts Advisory Commission.

Katie Woodward and Cisco Martinez were appointed as new representatives on the Historic Preservation Commission.

Seven people were appointed to the newest commission, our Public Arts Advisory Commission: Jason Schneider, Dylan Jacobson, Wade Presley, Janice Gammon, Tina Schmidt, Melinda Buyck, and Nancy Port.

Pictured are those who were present at the meeting to be introduced to City Council members: (from left) Nancy Port, Dylan Jacobson, Cisco Martinez, Jan Gammon, Tina Schmidt, Melinda Buyck, and Mayor Brett Barker.

The City is always looking for residents who are interested in serving on a variety of boards and commissions that play a part in City government. If you are interested, the first thing to do is fill out a Board/Commission Member Application on our City website:

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