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Nevada Fire Chief receives Letter of Commendation from Polk County

Polk County Sheriff Kevin Schneider presents a Letter of Commendation to Nevada Fire Chief Ray Reynolds. Photo by Marlys Barker


Twice a year, the Polk County Sheriff’s Department holds a gathering to swear in new officers, recognize officers receiving promotions, and honor heroic acts. When one of those gatherings was held today, the Letter of Commendation received by a member of the Nevada Public Safety Department had an even deeper Nevada connection.

Polk County Sheriff Kevin Schneider read the letter, detailing what happened on Nov. 22, 2022, when Nevada Fire Chief Ray Reynolds, working at his part-time position as a lieutenant with the Bondurant Fire Department responded to a residential fire. While conducting investigation upon arriving at the scene, an individual being questioned by PCSO Deputy Alex Good attempted to leave the scene and then physically confronted Good. Good, by the way, is a Nevada High School graduate, whose parents live in Nevada where his father Charlie runs the Good & Quick business along Lincoln Highway.

The individual attempted to disarm Deputy Good during the incident, causing a struggle to ensue. When Good attempted to use his radio to call for backup, the subject grabbed the radio cord, wrapped it around Good’s neck and was pulling on it to try to choke him.

Reynolds noticed what was happening and jumped in to assist Good in gaining control of the individual.

Good wanted to be at the ceremony today, but had work developments that kept him from attending. He said later, “I’m just glad Ray was there… I enjoy working with Ray. He’s very knowledgeable.”

Reynolds is also glad he was there – not because it resulted in a Letter of Commendation, but because he was able to offer valuable assistance and become friends with someone he hadn’t known before. “Alex and I have gotten to be friends now, and I really appreciate that aspect of it,” Reynolds said. “I admire what it takes to do his job.”

Sheriff Schneider also noted during the presentation that Reynolds was injured during the altercation, as the subject decided to bite into his arm. Schneider thanked Reynolds. “Thanks to your quick thinking and swift actions, the subject was apprehended and Deputy Alex Good and you were able to walk away with only minor injuries.”

–Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada


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