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Nevada Fire Department sees record call volume in 2023

Fire officials in Nevada, Iowa, responded to a record 843 calls for service in 2023. This is the highest number of calls NFD has covered since the department was organized in 1860. NFD has one full-time employee, the fire chief. The rest of the 45-person fire department is made up of volunteers.


The department reported a slight decline in structure fires; no arson fires were recorded for 2023. Fire Chief Ray Reynolds is, however, concerned about a growing trend emerging for the Nevada community and others like Nevada.


“The department’s most common medical call is a fall or lift assist. More members of our aging population are remaining in their homes. Many of those homes are not designed for the mobility needs of our aging population,” he said. Reynolds is concerned that falls could result in serious injuries for seniors. He encourages families who care for seniors to consider adding grab bars to bathrooms, removing rugs from floors to eliminate tripping hazards, and encouraging seniors to have an active lifestyle. Participating in social and wellness activities helps keep seniors independent.





BUSIEST DAY:                                      Thursday & Friday

MAJORITY OF CALLS:                        8am – 8pm

CALLS FOR 2023:                                 843  *highest call volume ever for NFD

EMS CALLS 2023:                                 552

FIRE CALLS 2023:                                291


FIRE CALLS BREAK DOWN:             34 calls involving a fire, 12 structure fires, 7 residential fires, 7 vehicle fires

ARSON FIRES:                                      0


FATALTIES:                                            2 [1 structure fire, 1 vehicle fire]

CIVILIAN INJURIES FIRE:                  3

FIREFIGHTER INJURIES:                   3

TOTAL PROPERTY LOSS:                   $588,000

EMS CALL MOST FREQUENT:          Fall/Lift Assist



There was a significant increase in fire department responses compared to 245 in 2022. EMS calls increased from 245 (2022) to 291 calls. More people are living in their own homes and relying on 911 as their primary first call for assistance. The department saw two less structure fires compared to 14 in 2022. Cigarettes and smoking materials are the most common cause of fires in Nevada, followed by unattended cooking.


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