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Sharing the facts about Highway 30

The City has heard many concerns about the upcoming Highway 30 overpass that will close the at-grade S-14 intersection by 2023, and about the two interchange location options along Highway 30. The interchange is part of the long-range plan and has not yet been scheduled.

Here are some facts the City will consider as the City Council members make a decision about whether to approve a future interchange at: A) the overpass of S-14/Sixth Street that will be built by 2023, or B) the intersection of 610th/Airport Road.

FACT: The interchange location must be decided now because if the City goes with option A, it will impact the length and width of the overpass bridge. The DOT begins the design of the bridge this summer.

FACT: The 2023 overpass project will NOT close the at-grade Sixth Street intersection with Highway 30. That intersection will remain open until an interchange, not yet scheduled, is constructed.

FACT: There have been 67 crashes at the three Nevada at-grade intersections with Highway 30 since 2010. Thirty-one have been at the S-14 crossing, and there have been 18 each at the Sixth Street and Airport Road intersections. While none of these crashes since 2010 have resulted in a fatality, some have resulted in severe injury. The City sees closing the intersection as a necessity to keep motorists safe.

FACT: Closing the S-14/Highway 30 at-grade intersection has been discussed in the City for more than 30 years because of safety concerns.

FACT: Residents who live south of Highway 30 in the southwest quadrant of Nevada are not being forgotten with the decisions being made. These residents are top-of-mind for the City in the decisions being made because residents living in the southwest quadrant of the City face the unsafe S-14/Highway 30 intersection most often. Once completed, there will be a fully paved route for those living in southwest Nevada to access Highway 30 to go east or west.

FACT: The overpass project to be completed by 2023 will have a pedestrian trail component. This will provide a safe way for those living in Nevada’s southwest part to get north of Highway 30. The trail will be on the east side of the road and connect (between 6th and 8th streets) to Nevada’s existing trail system.

FACT: A future interchange at Airport Road would reduce industrial truck traffic coming into a residential area and Nevada’s downtown area, causing more wear and tear on city streets.

FACT: A future interchange at Airport Road would have the space needed to be designed in the diamond interchange style most familiar and safe to motorists.

FACT: A future interchange at the S-14/Sixth Street overpass would allow motorists coming from Highway 30 to get to Nevada’s downtown area an estimated (by the DOT) 90 seconds faster than an interchange at Airport Road.

FACT: A future interchange at the S-14/Sixth Street overpass would have only one RR crossing (on Sixth Street) to potentially stop motorists headed downtown, rather than two (on Maple Avenue and Sixth Street). However, an interchange at Airport Road would also allow motorists to go north on Airport Road and east into Nevada, encountering no potential stops at RR crossings to get downtown.

FACT: A “folded clover” interchange (with two loops), which is likely at S-14/Sixth Street is harder to navigate with a looped off-ramp from the high speed on Highway 30 than a straight off-ramp would be.

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