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Fawcett Family Aquatic Center Spotlight: Meet Pool Manager Jesse Bielenberg

What is your job at FFAC? Manager, one of four. (This is her first year as a manager.)

Are you from Nevada? Yes, I graduated from Nevada High School in 2000.

What do you do during the rest of the year? I work at the elementary school and for a bail bonds company.

Why are you working at the pool? It was just one of those things. I like to swim and I’m usually here with my kids, so I was like, ‘Why not?’ (She has two kids, ages 10 and 15)

What’s your favorite thing about FFAC? Just seeing all the kids and adults having fun while they’re here. It’s fun to watch.

How many swimsuits do you own? Six, two are work suits.

What is your best habit for being in the sun so much? I drink lots of water and make sure I have sunscreen on.

What’s your pool move? I just like to swim. I like doing the breast stroke.

What’s the biggest concern for you each day as a pool manager? Probably the youngest kids going too deep in the water.

What’s the best advice you’ve given to the lifeguards? Just to be very aware and stop kids before they get up to their neck in water. We’ve got a really good group of lifeguards.

What is your favorite concession stand item? I don’t eat them very often, but their pretzel bites are good.

Questions and answers compiled by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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