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Introducing new lifeguard Mary Hensley

New this year on the Fawcett Family Aquatic Center lifeguard staff is Mary Hensley, 15, daughter of Doug and Stacey Hensley. Mary will be a sophomore at Nevada High School this fall, and she has one younger sister, Grace, who will be in 8th grade this fall.

At Nevada High School, Mary is active in golf and volleyball. And when she’s not working in the summer, she enjoys playing golf and volleyball, as well as babysitting and hanging out with friends and family.

Swimming came pretty easy to her, she said. The hardest part of swim lessons was probably when she was in about 2nd or 3rd grade and had to start putting her head in and under the water. Once she got the hang of that, everything else came easily.

She loves her lifeguarding job, saying all the people at the pool are fun to be around.

Next time you visit the aquatic center, say “hi” to Mary.

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