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Introducing new lifeguard Nate Maier

New this year on the Fawcett Family Aquatic Center lifeguard staff is Nate Maier, 15. Nate will be a sophomore at Nevada High School this fall. He is the son of Rhonda and Tom Maier of Nevada and the brother of Tate, who graduated from high school this spring.

Nate’s school activities include playing offensive tackle in football, playing the post position in basketball, and throwing shot and discus in track.

When he’s not working, he enjoys spending summertime with friends and family, playing basketball in the park, and playing video games if it’s raining.

Nate said when he was learning to swim, diving and diving for a brick specifically was hard for him, but over time he became better at it. He said continuing to get more conditioned is a good way to become better at swimming. He is glad to be a lifeguard this summer because he likes having the opportunity to help people and take on the big responsibility of keeping swimmers safe.

Next time you visit the aquatic center, say “hi” to Nate.

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