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Meet FFAC Concession/Cashier Avery Hinson

Your age and grade in school? I’m 16, and I will be in 11th grade in the fall.

Who are your parents? Chris Hinson and Monika Stalzer

What is your job at FFAC? I work at the front desk and slides. This is my first year working at FFAC.

What do you love about your job? The thing I love most about my summer job is that I get to work with my friends, and it is a very laid-back job. It is not too stressful and pretty enjoyable.

What was the most important thing you learned in training for this job? CPR and what to do when I am brought into a serious situation. I did not know CPR before our training, and I am glad I know how to do it now because it is a very important thing to know how to do.

What else keeps you busy in the summer? When I am not working, I love to go to the lake and go boating all day long with my family and friends.

Do you have a favorite concessions item? Ice cream sandwiches

What do you find yourself saying most when you’re working? One thing I have to remind kids a lot is to ‘walk.’ They are always running to the bathrooms.

FFAC is 20 years old now. Is it still a fun place to spend time? I think FFAC is a great place to spend the day. There is so much to do here, the food is good, and the staff members are very polite. You definitely have a very fun day at FFAC.

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