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Meet FFAC Concession/Cashier Keegan Wegner

What grade will you be in this fall? I will be a sophomore at Nevada High School

Who are your parents? Matt and Janelle Wegner

Have you worked here before? No, this is my first year, but I hope to work here again next year.

What do you like about this job? It’s fun, and fairly easy work. I like the people here; it’s a good atmosphere. Everyone’s nice, and it is good to be able to help people (with their concessions needs).

What else do you stay busy with during the summer months? Weightlifting, football workouts, and I’m also spending a lot of time rebuilding a truck with my dad. It’s a 2005 Silverado, and we’ve got a couple more weeks of work to do.

What activities are you involved in at school? Football, weightlifting, FFA, I throw the shot and discus in track, and I play percussion in the band.

What do you sell the most at the concession stand? A lot of ice cream products and pretzel bites.

What do you like most at the concession stand? My personal favorite is the pretzel bites.

FFAC is 20 years old — why is this still a great place for kids and families to be? It’s nice and it’s local. People don’t want to have to go out of town to swim. Kids like coming here where they can spend the day.

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