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Meet FFAC Concession/Cashier Kylee Beving

Age & Grade? 17, will be a senior this fall at Nevada High School

Parents? Andrea and Josh Beving

Job experience? This is my second summer of working in this job.

What do you like most about working at FFAC? Interacting with all the Nevada residents.

What do you like most about FFAC? I like the atmosphere and everything we have here. People always seem to like it out here, and they always want to come back.

What are you learning from this job? The job is helping me know how to interact with others and how to manage my emotions in stressful situations. Like I try not to get really upset if people are really upset.

What’s your favorite item at the concession stand? Pretzel bites

What is the most popular item you’ve sold out of the concessions stand? Definitely ice cream.

How are people liking the healthier food options this year? It’s going good, and those items are especially going well on weekends when we host tournaments in the four-plex. (The pool concessions workers also work in the four-plex concession stand.)

How many swimsuits do you own? 20 or more

What is your favorite water-related activity? I like laying out by the pool or swimming laps.

What do you find yourself saying often to the kids? “Walk.” “Stay out of the water (during breaks)!”

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