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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Briar Crain

Your age and grade? 16, going to be a senior

Your parents’ names? Shawn and Tricia Crain

What is your job at FFAC? Lifeguard, worked as a lifeguard for half a year in 2019. She also plays softball for Nevada High School in the summer.

What have you always enjoyed about swimming? I always had great instructors when I took swimming lessons. She fondly remembers Ally West.

What do you love most about FFAC? I like how many activities we have. We have a lot of slides and shallow water activities that are fun and the diving board and drop-off slides.

Do you have a favorite station when lifeguarding? By the diving board. You get to watch all the kids dive off, and they always try different and fun things, and sometimes they even rate each other which is fun.

Do you have a favorite item at the concessions stand? Ice cream sandwiches

What is your best way to stay safe when you’re in the sun so much? I apply sunscreen every break, and I always make sure I have water on the stand with me. And when they come around with umbrellas, I always take one.

What is your favorite pool move? Diving into the deep end.

What is the most important advice you got in training to be a lifeguard? Make sure you’re in shape. Do all the laps. Make sure you’re always watching the kids.

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