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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Elliot Frideres

How old are you and what year will you be in school? I am 18 years old, next fall I will be a freshman in college.

Who are your parents? My parents are Meg and Mark Frideres.

What experience do you have as a lifeguard? This is my first year because we were unfortunately unable to open last summer.

What are you enjoying most about the job? I enjoy the overall very convenient daily hours and getting to spend time with friends. On a normal day we work from noon until close which is usually around 8. That is nice because you don’t have to wake up early or stay super late. And you still get an 8-hour day out of that. I’ve found that really convenient. I also think in general most of our staff are friends which makes work even more enjoyable. It also makes things like closing the pool fun.

What else are you busy with this summer? During the summer months, aside from work, I spend a lot of time running, lifting, spending time with friends, and marking other things off the bucket list that I don’t have time for during the school year.

What is your favorite concessions item? My favorite concession stand item was always the Laffy Taffy ropes growing up going to the pool, but we no longer have them. I would probably have three a shift if we did, so that may be a good thing actually.

What is your favorite lifeguarding station? My favorite stand is easily the top of the slides. It is just engaging and fun to watch kids come up and down the slide. I remember using the same slides as a kid, so it’s fun for me to see how kids still act with the same mannerisms and behavior as I did as a kid. For whatever reason that is funny/interesting to me.

What do you find yourself saying most often when you are working? I think the most common phrase amongst our staff is probably “walk” or occasionally “WALK.”

FFAC is in its 20th season of operation – do you think it’s still a great place to enjoy time? I think what makes FFAC a good place, especially for younger kids, is that it’s a really convenient place in town to spend time in the summer. You always have friends there, and it isn’t super expensive. You can just go for a few hours or the whole day whenever you’re bored, and burn time in a safe environment.

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