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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Shelbi Jo Hazlitt

What is your age and grade in school? I am 18 years old. I will be a senior in high school.

What are your parents’ names? Brent and Tonia Hazlitt

How many years have you been a lifeguard at the pool? This is my first year.

Do you remember taking swim lessons as a kid? What did you like about swimming? Yes, I liked being in the water when it was hot out and going down the slides with my friends.

What is the most important thing you learned during your lifeguard training? The most important thing I learned was how to perform CPR.

What is your favorite lifeguarding post at the pool? I like helping the kids at the top and the bottom of the slides.

What is your favorite concessions stand item? Definitely the ice cream.

Don’t lie, how many swimsuits do you own? I own about seven swimsuits

What’s your best pool move? I like diving in the pool off the side.

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