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Meet FFAC Concession/Cashier Alec Higgins

Age and grade? 15, will be a sophomore at Nevada High School

Parents? Shane and Shari Higgins

Job experience at FFAC? It’s my first year of doing this.

Why did you take this job? I wanted a job that would be easy and flexible and not take up too much time, because I work out for basketball and football during the summer.

What is most fun about your job at FFAC? When you’re working with someone else, and seeing people enjoy being in the pool.

What do you see people order most at the concession stand? Pretzel bites

What is your favorite item at the concessions stand? Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich

Do you think about becoming a lifeguard someday? Yes, maybe. I do like to swim.

Favorite pool move? Going off the diving board or down the slides.

What is great about FFAC and how it’s now been around 20 years? It’s great how many people we get to still come here and how popular it is.

Do you have siblings who work at the pool? Yes. My older brother and older sister work here and are both lifeguards. He likes working where they do.

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