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2024 Streets/Infrastructure Improvements in Central Elementary School Area

Project 1

A major streets/infrastructure improvements project in the Central Elementary School area is scheduled for April through November in 2024 in Nevada and will impact traffic and properties on several streets.

The project area includes 9th Street from G to I Avenue, I Avenue from 8th to 9th Street, and H Avenue from 8th to 10th Street. The intersection of 10th and H Avenue will also be impacted during the project for water main work at the parking lot exit area. (see map image)

The following improvements will take place during this project:

  • Removal and replacement of street pavement.
  • Removal and replacement of sidewalk curb ramps and other sidewalk segments impacted by the project.
  • Removal and replacement of driveway approaches between the sidewalk and back of curb.
  • Removal and replacement of underground public utilities (storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main).
  • Replacement of sanitary and water service lines to individual residences (connections to existing service lines made near sidewalk).
  • Restoration of all disturbed areas with seed.


Because this project is anticipated to start in April and run through November, school officials have been informed about all aspects of this project and will be coordinating bus routes, and elementary drop-off and pick-up changes that will be needed during the construction period.


Important documents related to this project:

Notice to Bidders






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