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A great day to consider pet registration

It’s National Dog Day (Aug. 26), a great day to give an extra hug to your dog (or any other pets) and a great day to remind residents of Nevada’s Pet Licensing benefits.

“One of the benefits to registering your pet with the city is our ability to prevent impounding a pet when we find it,” said Community Service Officer Nancy Pritchard, who handles animal calls in Nevada.

“We’ve had situations where a pet gets away from its owner and is picked up by one of our officers,” she explained. “When a pet is registered with the City and wearing the tag the City provides, we are able to identify the owner.”

If the owner can be contacted right away, the pet can be returned without being impounded, thereby avoiding a costly fee for the owner, and stress and anxiety for the pet.

To register your pet, you must fill out the “Animal License Application” form on the City’s website. It can be found at this link: The cost for registration is stated at the bottom of the form. Once completed and returned, with other required paperwork (as stated on the form) and payment, your pet or pets are registered.

It is important to note that registering your pet is required annually. All pet registrations expire on Jan. 1 of each year.

To read more about pet licensing, scroll down to a section about it under Frequently Asked Questions on the City of Nevada, Iowa website:

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