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A Reminder about the rules of ATV/UTV and golf cart use in Nevada

Just like that, warm weather really hit us this past weekend! And everyone was out, including some motorists on ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts.

ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts are now legal to drive on the streets of Nevada. Drivers must follow all basic traffic laws as if they were driving a regular, full-sized vehicle, plus there are special ordinances to consider as well.
All ATV/UTV drivers must have a valid Driver’s License, be at least 18 years old, and must have proper insurance to operate on City streets. ATV/UTVs and carts shall only be used on public roads. This means you cannot drive them on the City’s trail system, in parks, on sidewalks, in public cemeteries, or on any private property without permission. ATV/UTVs and carts should be driven as far to the right as possible in a single file line to allow for faster traffic to pass.
The most important rule is to maintain safety for yourself and others on the road. You cannot drive in a reckless manner and can only be on the roadway if there is enough visibility to see 250 feet or more. Drivers must obey all speed limits and shall not exceed 35 miles per hour on any road. ATV/UTVs and golf carts cannot be operated on Highway 30.
Golf carts have a few additional requirements. All golf carts on the roadway shall have a bicycle safety flag, adequate brakes, brake lights and a rear-view mirror. There is no age requirement for operating a golf cart; any valid, licensed driver can operate one on the City streets. Golf carts cannot be operated on Highway 30, Lincoln Highway, 19th Street, or W 18th Street as they have been designated “primary road extensions” by the City of Nevada.
Please remember you can still be charged with any traffic violation in an ATV/UTV or golf cart including Operating While Intoxicated. For more information, please refer to the City Ordinance, Chapter 78 (ATV/UTV), Chapter 77 (golf carts) and Iowa Code 3211.10 or contact the Nevada Public Safety Department.

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