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City Council attending to pedestrian safety issues

The Council passed the second reading and waived a third reading for the establishment of a three-way stop sign at the corner of H and 11th Street. Brian Hanson said he’d received positive comments about the proposed new stop sign, as many are concerned for the safety of pedestrians.

Hanson also spoke about another traffic “hot spot” during the meeting – the section of West 3rd Street/I Avenue that curves around by the old Billy Sunday ballfield. After hearing comments about how dangerous the area was, especially for kids crossing the road to get to soccer practices on the west side of the road, Hanson said he parked in the area for awhile and observed. He could understand why others are expressing concern.

Hanson also noted that the southwest corner of the City Cemetery has become a chosen parking spot for some parents, because they do not want their children crossing that road. The Nevada Public Safety Department has parked its speed trailer a few times in that area to try to slow traffic down, but the Mayor directed City staff to review options for more traffic control in that area, especially during the warmer months.

Hanson said he doesn’t know that a permanent stop sign or speed limit change is needed, but he does want to hear what options there are to at least slow traffic down at certain times of the day and during certain months of the year.

A few other notes of interest:

  • City Administrator Jordan Cook said he has spoken to a Metronet representative about getting Metronet service to a few parts of the City that are still not able to utilize it. This request has been mentioned more than once, and Metronet has assured that they will review the City and options for getting more residents connected.
  • City Councilman Jason Sampson said the Lincoln Highway Days committee continues to meet, and one thing they are looking forward to this year is a much bigger car show than last year.
  • Nevada Fire Chief Ray Reynolds noted that some community leaders are in the “infancy phase” of doing a community risk assessment. And, he added, “It’s not just about fire – it involves financial scams, health, mental health problems, suicide, etc.” If continued, the risk assessment team would enter into a two-month process with a lot of meetings to gather information about the demographics of our community, and where we’re going to go in the future. He said some of the data collected will be necessary in applying for grants, which will make the process very valuable to the community.
  • Reynolds also noted that a committee of the fire department that is focused on the department’s new truck will soon travel Toyne in Breda, Iowa, where the truck is being built, to go over all the specifics with the builders.

–Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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