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Bump-outs are ‘in’ for Nevada’s downtown

In case you’re wondering why the City of Nevada is putting “bump-outs” in the downtown area as part of our Downtown Reconstruction Project, the shortest answer is “safety.”

Here’s a deeper dive into the reasoning with a list of benefits offered ( and

  • Bump-outs increase pedestrian visibility at intersections through improved sightlines. 
  • Bump-outs decrease pedestrian exposure to vehicles by shortening the crossing distance. Curb extensions increase pedestrians’ overall visibility by aligning them with the parking lane and reducing the crossing distance.
  • Bump-outs reduce vehicle turn speeds by physically and visually narrowing the roadway. Curb extensions tighten intersection curb radii, which encourages a slower turning speed.
  • Bump-outs increased pedestrian waiting space.
  • Bump-outs reduced illegal parking at corners and crosswalks.
  • Bump-outs facilitate the ability to provide two curb ramps per corner, and guarantee all corners are ADA compliant.

Post-construction, we want Nevada’s downtown area to be a safe and welcoming place for residents and visitors of all ages to spend time. 

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