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City to hold ‘garage’ sale

Just like you, the City of Nevada tends to collect a lot of “stuff” through the years. Many of these things can no longer be utilized by the City due to changes in technology, or procedures, or other factors. But as they say, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure,” and we are ready to let you search for treasures among the things our City Departments are no longer using. Here is the current list of items. We may be adding to this list.
Among the things that will be for sale:
From the Library:
87 1/2″ x (11″-13″ thick veneered shelf
12″ x 35″ metal shelves with attached swivel brackets
9″ x 23 3/4″ metal shelf
11″ metal shelf side brackets
9″ metal shelf side brackets
7″ metal shelf side brackets
10″ metal shelf dividers
11″ metal shelf dividers 45 pkg.
7″ metal CD/DVD dividers
24″ metal shelf base dividers (double)
13 1/2″ metal shelf base dividers (single)
9 1/4″ metal shelf base dividers (single)
24 1/2″ metal shelf side base
20 1/2″ metal shelf side base divider
7″ metal shelf side brackets
6 1/4″ metal dividers
11″ metal dividers
10″ metal dividers
misc metal pieces
metal 4-drawer file cabinets (legal)
safe with electronic keypad
large gray media cart
Fire Department:
1 gas powered fan
2 old folding tables
2 boxes floor tile
3 Indian fire can hand pump
1 Hotsy power washer (heater does not work)
misc. wood cribbing
3 rolls of R-13 insulation
2 large boxes of misc fire gloves pairs
misc old bunker coats and bunker pants
20 older folding chairs
2 pickup tires (new)
1 Honda generator
1 hose reel from old fire truck
4 large truck tires
F-350 trailer hitch
Parks and Recreation:
push mower: Toro Turfmaster 30″ – good condition – sealed bid, minimum $500
push mower: Toro 21″ – fair condition
push mower: Toro Turfmaster 30″ – good condition – sealed bid, minimum $500
galvanized metal sheets – 40 @ approx. 10-12′ in length x 24-30″ wide
pickup tailgate
misc basketballs
3 rolling coolers
pizza oven
pizza warmer
pretzel warmer
paper organizer
outside deck chairs – approx 3 dozen
sound/light mixing board
1 pickup cross box toolbox
Generator – Sealed Bids ($100 minimum)
Generator – Sealed Bids ($100 minimum)
Air Compressor – Sealed Bids ($100 minimum)
Gas Fan – Sealed Bids ($100 minimum)
Stoplights – Sealed Bids ($200 each minimum)
Mower – Sealed Bids ($700 minimum)
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