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Council members tour Field House Construction

It was the first time for a group of City Council members to tour the Field House construction site at SCORE on Monday, June 12. Several council members and the Mayor had toured the site last week with members of the Nevada Foundation.
Parks and Rec Director Tim Hansen and Asst. Director Rhonda Maier guided the group through the facility, along with Jeff Harris of RMH Architects and Don Wells of Harold Pike Construction.
Those on the tour, which also included City Administrator Jordan Cook, comments how big the facility really is once you are standing in the space. Also fun for the participants was to look out of where the windows will be on the upper-level walking track and see the beautiful views from there of the aquatic center, baseball field, the City looking west and the countryside looking east.
When asked when the project would be finished, council members were told probably late October, early November.

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