Update: Two-day closure at N Ave/S-14 now going to take longer

The closure first anticipated to be needed for just Monday and Tuesday of this week, will now take longer, possibly several weeks. This closure is on the west side of town at S-14 and N Avenue, and the closure means access from S-14 onto N Avenue (going east) is closed (as shown by the red X).
Unexpected complications arose with the new work being done during the closure.
Work was already happening in the area shown on this map in the west part of town. S-14 is closed north of N Avenue to just past the railroad underpass at this time, and there has been an access lane for those living in the Knoll Ridge area.
For awhile, residents will still have access to the Knoll Ridge area, but must come in from S-14 and depart on S-14 (to the south), rather than going straight across on N.
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