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Downtown Construction Update

This week:

The mainline paving for Sixth Street has been curing, while prep work is happening on the parking areas.

Side street work on J Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets has continued on the connection of services.

Tear out of the alley between I and J Avenues on the east side of Sixth Street began.

What’s ahead?

Plans are to start paving parking areas on Blocks 2 and 3 (J to K and K to L) of Sixth Street on Monday.

Also, Monday, the closure of J Avenue between Sixth Street and Seventh Street will begin. The map below shows the open parking areas to help those needing to get to businesses.

Work will continue in the alley between I and J Avenues on the east side of Sixth Street. According to Shawn Cole, the city’s building and zoning administrator, crews will remove the concrete in the alley and replace storm lines to provide much-improved drainage.

“The storm sewer will have a much bigger line. We’ll have more storm intakes and more of everything that improves drainage,” Cole said, noting these same storm drainage improvements will happen in each of the construction zone’s alleyways.

Cole hopes all parking areas in Blocks 2 and 3 of Sixth Street can be paved next week. If that is accomplished, electrical work on the street light bases will start late in the week, and continue into the following week.

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