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Residents living east of Central Elementary School should know that some work on May 8 & 9 will affect their water use. This work is connected to the infrastructure/street project happening to the west of the school.
We anticipate the work on Wednesday affecting homeowners on 10th Street from J to H Avenue and on H Avenue from 10th to 11th Street.
We anticipate the following:
6 a.m. Wednesday – our water department will exercise valves that may cause water to shut down for a few minutes at a time.
3:30-7 p.m. (approximate time) THURSDAY – water will be totally shut off
We encourage you to have water on hand if needed. Before the water is shut off, fill a large container with water to refill your toilet after flushing, or avoid flushing during the time the water is off. You may also want to buy bottled water to drink during this time.
THERE IS A CHANCE THAT THIS WORK WILL NOT TAKE PLACE AT THE TIME STATED ABOVE IF WE ENCOUNTER ISSUES. If that happens, please monitor the City website ( or our Facebook page (City of Nevada, IA) for updates!
We appreciate your cooperation as we work on this project. If you have questions, please call City Hall and speak to Ryan Hutton.
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