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Lincoln Highway closure delayed a week and K Avenue west of Sixth opens today

Good news Nevadans — you have one more week to travel Lincoln Highway between 5th and 7th streets!

Downtown Construction Project Manager Corey Merrigan with Construct, Inc., said that even though his crews were ready to close Lincoln Highway this coming Monday, it was decided to postpone the closing by one week.

Construct’s crews need to work four to five days ahead to tear up the two blocks before the subcontractor, OnTrack Construction, comes in. Merrigan found out yesterday that OnTrack won’t be back in Nevada until June 28.

“If we were to close on the 14th and start tearing it up, those blocks would sit idle another week before OnTrack starts work.”

To be courteous to those who travel through Nevada, Merrigan said, “we’re going to back off the closing for one week.”

Merrigan expects Lincoln Highway, from 5th to 7th streets, to close early morning on Monday, June 21, and at that point, the detour along N Avenue, between 2nd and 10th streets, will go into effect.

K open west of 6th

K Avenue west of Sixth Street is expected to open to traffic Friday, June 11. The street will be closed for a few days for painting/striping when K Avenue east of Sixth is also completed.

Another piece of good news, Merrigan reported, is K Avenue, west of 6th Street opening today, Friday, June 11. The alley to the south should also be fully open, and the alley to the north will be open about three-fourths of the way. That “north of K” alley won’t be fully open and have access from Lincoln Highway until the Lincoln Highway construction is completed.

On K Avenue, east of 6th Street, concrete work is anticipated to begin today.
“This work (of laying concrete on both K and the adjacent alleys) takes a solid four weeks,” Merrigan said.

He also wants people to know that once all the concrete work is done on K east of 6th, all of K Avenue between 5th and 7th streets will be closed for two to three days for painting/striping.

“It makes sense to wait until both sides are done and then close all of K for a few days when we bring in the company that does the striping,” Merrigan said.

Overall, Merrigan is pleased with how work is going this year. “Ourselves and all of our contractors are doing a fabulous job of getting their work done in a timely fashion.”

For those wondering when the block of 6th Street in front of City Hall will close, Merrigan said a good estimate is three to four weeks after Construct begins work on Lincoln Highway.

Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

*Construction plans are always subject to change. This update gives the most up-to-date expectations of what is happening in the downtown area.

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