Mailboxes and Snow Removal

Last week’s heavy snow and the City’s snow removal efforts led to questions about what happens if a snowplow or other snow removal equipment hits a mailbox.

According to City Code, “If snow removal equipment hits a mailbox that has been properly installed, the City will replace the mailbox for a value of up to $50. If the property owner desires to replace the mailbox, the City will reimburse the owner for up to a cost of $50 upon submittal of bills and inspection of the location by City staff.”

The key words in this part of the City Code are “properly installed.” Properly installed means the face of the mailbox is flush with the back of the curb. The mailbox also should be constructed to withstand normal snow-clearing efforts.

If you have a question about your mailbox or our snow removal efforts, please call City Hall, 515-382-5466, or email:

Residents can read more about mailbox requirements in the City Code: 135.18 MAIL BOXES. (

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