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Midwest Insurance Corporation (MIC) announced its support to the Nevada Firefighters Inc (501C3) with a check for $10,000. The donation will be used to help fund a large new capacity fire engine that will replace a 1997 Spartan fire engine previously used for rural fire responses. With this donation the fire department is just $50,000 from its goal to completely fund the 2025 Toyne fire engine with a price tag of $686,000.

Midwest Insurance Corporation celebrates its 40th year in business in Nevada and has supported many public safety initiates. President Melissa Johnson said, “Helping communities build resilience speaks to the heart of our mission. We are pleased to be able to celebrate our 40th year in business with a donation that will help improve risk management.”

Midwest Insurance Corporation has partnered with the Nevada Fire Department to offer grain bin safety classes, safety scholarships, and worked closely with Chief Ray Reynolds to successfully improve the City’s rating that insurance companies use to determine how well a fire department can protect a community. On these ratings, lower is better, and very few volunteer departments in the country have a rating as low as Nevada’s. Fire Chief Ray Reynolds states, “We have such a strong relationship with MIC. Not only do they serve as our insurance agent for the City, but they are also at the table when it comes to being a part of the Nevada community as a whole.”

The new fire engine will be delivered to the Nevada Fire Department in July 2025.

Thank you, Midwest Insurance Corporation!


The Nevada Firefighters Inc is the 501C3 organization within the fire department. The department responds to 781 calls for service annually and covers 137 sq miles. 

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