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Nevada Public Safety Department Passes State Inspection

Pictured are (from left) Ray Beaty, Nick Lund, and Jeff Gilchrist who helped the Nevada Public Safety Department, including the Nevada Fire Department and EMS, pass an Iowa Department of Public Health state inspection.


The Nevada Public Safety Department, including the Nevada Fire Department and its EMS program, received good news today.

“The Iowa Department of Public Health has renewed our medical provider license,” said Fire Chief Ray Reynolds. “The state inspector complimented the systems of control we have in place, which he described as ‘far exceeding’ the requirements of the state.”

Undergoing an Iowa Department of Public Health inspection is always a stressful time, Reynolds shared. The inspections are very thorough. As an example, during the inspection, they ask to see random equipment and provide proof an item is not expired. “Finding a medication or piece of equipment that is expired could cause our medical license to be suspended. So there is a lot at stake.”

The Nevada Public Safety Department was found to have no deficiencies and is authorized to provide paramedic-level care unrestricted for the next three years when another inspection will occur.

“The state was very pleased with the department’s program and stated it was among the top programs they have inspected,” Reynolds said. “He had no recommendations and encouraged us to keep doing what we’re doing.”

State inspections cover many areas of a department’s operations. This inspection of the Nevada Public Safety Department covered 16 areas. Reynolds wanted to acknowledge a couple of members of the fire department team who were key to the successful inspection.

“The credit for this exemplary outcome goes to Ray Beaty. Ray has been the lead paramedic for the EMS program and has spent countless hours on his days off from his (full-time) work uploading documents on the state IDPH web portal. He continues to inspect glucometers and the vehicle on a monthly basis. He is the administrator who keeps the plates spinning for our ems program,” Reynolds said.

Beaty was assisted by Critical Care Paramedic Jeff Gilchrist and NuCara Pharmacy’s Nick Lund.

“Having the state compliment our program reinforces the processes we have in place,” Reynolds said. “Our staff works very hard to assure we have a quality EMT- and paramedic-level program.”

Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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