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Proposed Wording Changes & New Entries in the City Code

The Nevada City Council will soon consider wording changes and additions to the current Code of Ordinances. Below are links to help residents understand what the proposals are.

First, here is a link to the current existing code (unchanged): CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF NEVADA, IOWA 2006 (

The following link is a listing of all proposed wording changes to the code: Proposed Changes by List

Below are links to some of the major proposed amendments to the code:

Chapter 158, rental code

Chapter 140 parklets

Chapter 136, Sidewalks add-rev

Chapter 69.19 Parking on Front, side, rear

CHAPTER 48, Food Truck


You will find the full proposed code with changes incorporated at this link: Nevada 2020 Muni-code 1004 update-BG additions-2

Use the Proposed Changes List above to find all minor changes.

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