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New design for police vehicles

For the first time in 15 or more years, Nevada’s police vehicles are getting a makeover.

Sgt. Josh Cizmadia has been at the center of the vehicle redesign project, working with Peter Michel of Vinyl Graphics out of Oostburg, Wisc.

“We went with a simpler, easier design with very little vinyl, yet it still gets the message across with our important call numbers and emblems,” Cizmadia said.

It was perfect timing because the department was going to purchase several new vehicles this year. Then when COVID hit, and offices were closed, “I had a little bit more time” to focus on the project, Cizmadia said.

One of Nevada’s six police vehicles is finished and out on the streets this week. Most noticeable to residents will be “less white.”

The old look, Cizmadia explained, had all the vehicles’ doors wrapped in white vinyl on the all-black vehicle. The white vinyl got “beat up” over time; it was also more expensive.

For less money, the newly designed vehicles will still have the same relevant messaging. “POLICE” will be in all-white lettering against the black background. “We’ll have the 911 number listed, our website listed, and the Character Counts logo,” Cizmadia said.

Sgt. Josh Cizmadia stands at the back of the police vehicle that has been completed with the new design. Cizmadia plans to complete all six department vehicles by the end of this month.

Keeping the Character Counts logo on the car is important, noted Cizmadia, because its pillars – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship – “are a foundation for the department.”

Police vehicles will also sport the new Nevada “N” branding, which ties the City of Nevada, the Nevada Schools, and the Nevada Economic Development Council together.

Cizmadia, who has a graphic arts background, will apply the new vinyl to each police department vehicle. His goal is to have all of the vehicles street-ready by the end of the month.

–Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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