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Phase II of Nevada’s Downtown Construction Project starts next week

It may seem hard to believe, but phase II of the Downtown Construction project is about to begin.

Work on Sixth Street, south of Lincoln Highway, was completed in Phase I. There are, however, a couple of side streets and alleyways south of Lincoln Highway, which will be the first areas to be worked on when the project re-starts next week.

For those who missed our public meeting Monday evening, here is a rundown of what to expect this year and the order you can expect it to happen:

  • First, concrete removal will begin in the alleyway between Fifth and Sixth Streets and J and K Avenues. Concrete removal will also begin on K Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets, and Fifth Street will be closed at K Avenue to through traffic during this construction. However, motorists can still access the street in front of the Post Office by taking Fifth Street from the north to K Avenue and turning right.
  • Next, work will move into the alleyway north of K Avenue to Lincoln Highway, between Fifth and Sixth Streets.
  • As work nears completion on K Avenue and the alleyways west of Sixth Street, work will begin in a “mirror image” fashion on the east side of Sixth Street. K Avenue will be closed from Sixth Street to Seventh Street, and both alleyways will be closed to traffic and under construction as work progresses.
  • Nevada Building and Zoning Administrator Shawn Cole said his best guess about when work would begin on Lincoln Highway between Fifth and Seventh Streets is August. It can always be earlier or later, depending on how the project goes. When this work starts, concrete on Lincoln Highway will be removed, and traffic will be detoured off Lincoln Highway.
  • The last block of Sixth Street, from Lincoln Highway through M Avenue, will also begin in the same time frame as the Lincoln Highway work. While this block is closed, there will be a temporary driveway created off M Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh Streets, to provide access to City Hall and the Senior Center.

Cole said the most significant thing for businesses along Sixth Street to work out when the alley work is taking place is garbage service. The alleys will be closed to traffic, so talk with your garbage service ahead of time to formulate a plan.

For those who wonder why all these areas are being torn up, it’s because the City is putting in new storm, sewer, and water lines. Cole said the alleys are where many water lines are located.

The City will strive to give you regular updates on the Downtown Construction Project’s second phase throughout the coming construction season.

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