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Plan ahead if you want to watch Nevada’s Fireworks Show this Saturday

The City of Nevada wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July and encourages all residents and those visiting our community over the holiday to think about “safety” when celebrating. The City continues to emphasize that it is everyone’s responsibility to practice social distancing.

The City of Nevada has contracted with a private company to conduct our annual fireworks show on Saturday evening, starting at dusk.

With some communities canceling their fireworks shows, Nevada may see more viewers than usual. With that possibility, we encourage people to think ahead about where they will watch the fireworks, and we advise getting to your viewing place early that evening.

Nevada’s fireworks are shot eastward from the east side of the SCORE Park along 19th Street. Part of 19th Street will be closed starting in the late afternoon. 

The City will also close Fawcett Parkway to westbound traffic around 5 p.m. The only way to get to the SCORE parking lots and other business lots off of Fawcett Parkway will be turning onto Fawcett Parkway from South B (at the corner of the Story County Justice Center).

Nevada Public Safety Department’s suggested public viewing places:

1) From your vehicle, parked along the south side of Fawcett Parkway (best for those wanting to stay in their cars). Traffic will only be allowed to go eastward that evening, which will allow room for parked vehicles along one side of the road.

2) SCORE Park’s green spaces where people/families can social-distance from other people/families. It is prohibited to be on ball fields, or east of the easternmost sidewalk (where fireworks are set up). No sparklers or personal fireworks are allowed in city parks.

3) Along 19th Street, north of the railroad tracks – offers the ability for people to park along both sides of the street and sit in front of the vehicle or inside the vehicle. (Please be careful about allowing children outside of the vehicle near the road.)

4) In the Nevada High School and Nevada Middle School parking lots.

5) On the practice field across from Gates Hall. This open area should have enough tree clearance to view the fireworks.

6) In Kiwanis Park along South 11th Street. No sparklers or personal fireworks are allowed in city parks.

7) The Story Medical Center’s east-side parking area. Stay away from the north lot due to the emergency room drive.

8) Harrington Park, Harrington Park’s parking lots, and along 15th Street by Harrington Park. Some places in the park have a clear line of sight to the fireworks show. No sparklers or personal fireworks are allowed in city parks.

Private property/Business property

There are several businesses in the vicinity of the fireworks show with parking areas and green space that would be ideal for viewing. You MUST HAVE PERMISSION from the property/business owner to be on their property.

Rural areas

There are several rural areas and gravel roads that have a clear line of sight to Nevada’s fireworks show. Please be very careful if you choose to pull over on any of these roads to watch the show.

DO NOT pull over along US Highway 30 to watch fireworks.

Thank you

The City of Nevada contributes to funding a Nevada Fireworks show each year, but outside donations are needed to pay the full cost. We thank those individuals and businesses who made financial contributions to this year’s show. Donations to next year’s presentation can be made at any time by sending or dropping off money designated for “fireworks” at Nevada City Hall. Donations, placed in an envelope and designated for “fireworks,” can also be placed in the city drop box in front of the city hall.

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