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Public Notice concerning Code of Ordinances

Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the City of Nevada, Iowa, will conduct a public hearing to consider amendments to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Nevada, Iowa. A copy of the proposed amendments to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Nevada, Iowa is available on the City of Nevada’s website and in the City Clerk’s office. Said public hearing will be held on Monday, December 13, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, Nevada, Iowa, 1209 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201, at which time persons may appear for or against the adoption of said Municipal Code proposal.

A summary of the code sections for which proposed amendments and/or additions are being considered are as follows:


Chapter 18—City Clerk

18.16 addition of duties for Disbursements of Cemetery

18.17 addition of duties for Custody and investment of funds

24A: Combining Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Board

26: Cemetery Board (Deleted and added to Chapter 24A)

27: Gates Memorial Hall Board of Control (Deleted and added to 24A)

41.16: Public Health and Safety—International Fire Code updated to reflect State of Iowa

46: Minors—Cigarettes and Tobacco updated to legal age to 21 (State Law July 2020)

Chapter 47—Park Regulations

Deleted 47.04.6 Deleted weapons and missiles to reflect state law

47.04.15 (A)(B)(C)(D)—Updated the use of alcohol provisions 47.04.15 (A)(B)(C)(D)

NEW Chapter 48: Mobile Food Vendors

50: Nuisance Abatement Procedure—updated terms for abandoned and unsafe structures

51: Junk, Junk Vehicles and Machinery amended

55: Animal Protection and Control—amended to define dangerous and vicious animals and keeping of the same

61.06: Traffic Control Devices—amended damages for tampering with railroad traffic devices

68.01: One-Way Traffic—deleted previous Gates Hall language

Chapter 69—Parking Regulations

69.08: Added no parking on H avenue

69.09: Deleted Gates Hall parking

69.12: No overnight Parking—Public spaces

69.19: NEW SECTION Parking on Front, Side and Rear Yards

103: Storm Water Drainage System—Section 4 removed regarding time of transfer inspections, as it is prohibited by state code

Chapter 105—Solid Waste Control

105.02: Updated definitions for “open burning”, “recreational fire” and “wood”

105.05: Added open burning restrictions for recreational fires and agriculture fields

105.09: Added regulations for Garbage Receptacles

106.08: Collection of Solid Waste—amended to state that yard waste “may” be collected

121.07: Cigarette and Tobacco Permits—Changed legal age to 21 in accordance with state law

Chapter 136—Sidewalk Regulations

136.03: amended to provide 24 hours for property owners to remove snow and ice

136.04: added liability clause for failure to maintain the sidewalk

136.08: added permit requirement prior to making sidewalk improvements

136.19: added definition for Curb Extensions

NEW Chapter 140: Parklets

145: Dangerous Buildings—amended definition of dangerous building; hearing and infraction language

NEW Chapter 158: Property Maintenance and Rental Code

165.20(F)(3)(B): Updated 165.20-1 Table under “projecting” to reflect “P” in table


Kerin Wright, City Clerk




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