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Repainting in the Downtown District

Repainting of lines by Iowa Plains Signing Inc. in Nevada’s Downtown District will continue next week.

Starting Monday, April 25, work begins on the east side of 6th Street from J Avenue to Lincoln Highway. (There is still work to be done in the bank area between J and K.) Work will continue on the east side on Tuesday, April 26. While work is happening on the east side, traffic will be one-way southbound with parking available on the west side of the street.

Also, on Tuesday, April 26, there will be removal of the existing crosswalk paint on J Avenue at 5th and 7th streets. This work will continue on Wednesday, April 27.

On Wednesday, April 27, work switches to the west side of 6th Street between K Avenue and Lincoln Highway, meaning traffic will then be one-way northbound from K to Lincoln Highway. Work continues on the west side Thursday, April 28.

This part of the repainting project is expected to be completed by Friday, April 29.

If you have any questions, please call Ryan Hutton, Building and Zoning Official, at 515-382-5466.

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