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Update on the Lincoln Highway portion of Downtown Construction Project

Corey Merrigan, Nevada’s Downtown Construction Project Manager with Construct, Inc., said it’s hard to throw out dates of when things will happen because when you don’t reach that deadline, it’s frustrating for the public.

Looking at where things are on Lincoln Highway’s progress today (Aug. 23), Merrigan said the hardest part has been waiting for crews to be available.

“I’d have loved to start paving today,” he said. But he’s waiting on a crew.

This Thursday, he said, is the day he expects to start putting pavement down on the north side of Lincoln Highway between Fifth and Seventh Streets. Next Tuesday (Aug. 31), he hopes to put paving on the south side of Lincoln Highway.

Much of the work at the intersection of Fifth Street and Lincoln Highway needs to be done by hand, and Merrigan said he hopes crews can fit that work in during the next few weeks, and once cured, his hope is to re-open the intersection by mid-September (about 3 weeks from now).

The rest of Lincoln Highway, once paved, will have other sidewalk work to be completed, before it can be fully opened.

“As I look at it today (Aug. 23),” Merrigan said, “I’m really hoping to have Lincoln Highway open by the end of September.”

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