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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Emma DePenning

What is your age and grade in school? 17. I’ll be a junior in high school at Nevada.

Who are your parents? Patrick Depenning and Alison DePenning

Your job? Lifeguard, this is my first year.

Do you remember taking swim lessons as a kid? What did you like about swimming? Yes, a little bit. I liked learning how to dive, and being able to swim better than others my age.

What is the most important thing you learned during your lifeguard training? How to save lives using CPR and prevent injuries from occurring by doing my job correctly, while also letting kids have fun and enjoy the facility.

What do you love about FFAC? I love being able to go in the water during breaks or before working, and I love the environment and my coworkers. We really work well as a team. Also, there’s too many things, I love, love, love talking/interacting with the kids and even adults at the pool who have questions or want to be friendly.

What is your favorite lifeguarding post? Top or bottom of the slides, because we get to interact so much more with everyone, and we aren’t sitting. We are able to be in the water.

What is your favorite concessions stand item? I love everything we sell, but I especially like our Tootsie Pops or anything sweet from the freezer!

Don’t lie, how many swimsuits do you own? I have one lifeguard suit, but I own probably over 10 bathing suits at home. I just keep getting more each year. I don’t know why.

What’s your best pool move? I love diving, or to be fun, I love going on the diving board and doing “cannon balls.” Haha.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about being a lifeguard? It’s a super fun summer job, and the workers especially at Nevada are so kind and fun to be around. Everyone was very welcoming to me as a new worker. You get to be in the sun which is great, as long as you wear sunscreen!

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