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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Frank Engstrom

What grade will you be in at Nevada High School this fall? 10th

Who are your parents? Fred and Tracie Engstrom

How long have you been a lifeguard? This is my first year.

What do you like most about the job? There’s a simplicity to it, but ultimately we’re keeping people alive. The biggest challenge is that we’re responsible for people’s lives, but we had good training.

What other activities are you busy with this summer? I play a lot of music and do a lot of camping. I like being out in nature.

What school activities are you involved in? Track and Cross Country

What is your favorite thing to do when swimming? I like to dive.

Do you have a favorite station for lifeguarding? My favorite is the red chair. I like watching people dive off the board.

Do you plan to continue this job in the future? Yes

FFAC is celebrating its 20th year — why is it still a great place for kids to be? I wasn’t here for its first 15 years, but I’d say it’s held its value. It’s reliable, safe, and fun.

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